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Urgent….. Ebadi: "Politicians not allowed to divide Iraq"
2017/9/13 15:45 - ahmed
Urgent….. Ebadi: "Politicians not allowed to divide Iraq"
Baghdad (AIN)- The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Ebadi assured during his visit to Dhi-Qar province that "We would not allow the politicians to divide Iraq.
Today, Wednesday, September 13, 2017, Ebadi visited Dhi-Qar province to the south of Iraq in order to chair the session of the Iraqi Council of Minister scheduled to be held in Dhi-Qar province in order to observe the troubles that face development of the province.
Ebadi said during the press conference he held with the ministers and members of the local government in Dhi-Qar "We would not permit the politicians to divide Iraq according to their personal ideas or wishes."
He added "The intended polls over independence of Kurdistan Region is not constitutional." /End/