Published: 2015/9/12 13:10 • Updated: 2015/9/12 10:29 1483 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Baghdad (AIN) -The father of drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi was working with smugglers and driving the flimsy boat that capsized trying to reach Greece, other passengers on board said, in an account that disputes the version he gave last week.
Published: 2015/9/7 11:10 • Updated: 2015/9/7 0:04 1448 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Follow up (AIN) -Austria said on Sunday it planned to end emergency measures that have allowed thousands of refugees stranded in Hungary to stream into Austria and Germany since Saturday morning.

Published: 2015/8/9 14:50 • Updated: 2015/8/9 14:23 2526 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Follow up (AIN) -It is late July 2015, and the media is abuzz with the news that Turkey will allow US jets to use its bases to bomb Islamic State (ISIS) targets in Syria. There is much talk about how this development is a “game-changer,” and how this is a clear escalation of the much ballyhooed, but more fictional than real, US war on ISIS: the terror organization that US intelligence welcomed as a positive development in 2012 in their continued attempts to instigate regime change against the Syrian government led by Bashar al-Assad.

Published: 2015/8/8 14:10 • Updated: 2015/8/8 12:49 915 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Follow up (AIN) -Some in the U.S. intelligence community warn that ISIS may be working to build the capability to carry out mass casualty attacks, a significant departure from the terror group's current focus on encouraging lone wolf attacks, a senior U.S. intelligence official told CNN on Friday.

Published: 2015/8/1 15:10 • Updated: 2015/8/1 11:34 1503 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Follow up (AIN) -A former Islamic State militant recently spoke with NBC news about his experience fighting with the group in Syria — and why he surrendered after just three days on the frontlines.

Published: 2015/7/19 18:10 • Updated: 2015/7/19 13:21 1218 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Follow up (AIN) -I spent last week in Karbala and Najaf, the Shia holy cities south-west of Baghdad, which I have always found to be among the wonders of the world. There is something entrancing and even magical about the sight of their golden domes and minarets rising above the roofs of the houses around them. I first saw the Shrine of Imam Ali in Najaf from the outside in 1977, but I was with a Baathist official who did not dare open the great wooden doors leading to the outer courtyard.
Published: 2015/7/11 18:30 • Updated: 2015/7/11 16:24 988 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Follow up (AIN) -The blood-soaked executioners of ISIS have spared neither women nor children since the jihadist army established its caliphate a year ago, putting an estimated 74 kids and even more women to death for such offenses as practicing “magic” and refusing to fast during Ramadan.
Published: 2015/6/23 21:30 • Updated: 2015/6/23 21:26 3160 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Nineveh (AIN) –ISIL terrorists issued special measures that must be followed by the Mosulians otherwise they will be faced with punishment.
Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the source from Mosul explained to AIN the actions that lead the people of Mosul to be detained or arrested and their penalties as follows:

Published: 2015/6/20 12:40 • Updated: 2015/6/20 12:08 758 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Follow up (AIN) -Terrorist attacks worldwide surged by more than a third and fatalities soared by 81 percent in 2014, a year that also saw Islamic State eclipse al Qaeda as the leading jihadist militant group, the U.S. State Department said on Friday.

Published: 2015/6/15 19:10 • Updated: 2015/6/15 16:47 1022 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Follow up (AIN) -Key lawmakers have moved to slash funding of a secret CIA operation to train and arm rebels in Syria, a move that U.S. officials said reflects rising skepticism of the effectiveness of the agency program and the Obama administration’s strategy in the Middle East.

Published: 2015/6/14 11:50 • Updated: 2015/6/14 0:06 838 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Baghdad (AIN) -Ali Ahsan paced back and forth carrying a rifle more than half his height in the searing heat as his militia convoy made a pit stop in the Anbar desert to rest and pray.

Published: 2015/6/10 14:53 • Updated: 2015/6/10 14:54 684 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Follow up (AIN)-The U.S. is now looking at the possibility that wives of ISIS figures may play a greater role in operations and communications than previously thought because the terror group believes U.S. intelligence pays less attention to them.
Published: 2015/6/7 19:10 • Updated: 2015/6/7 17:11 754 Reads • Published in: Reports & investigations
Follow up (AIN) -The seizure of Ramadi on May 17 by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) was a tactical defeat for the Iraqi Army, the Iraqi government, and — by extension — the U.S.-led coalition. ISIL had a good day; Iraq and its allies had a bad day. Losing Ramadi makes the task ahead more difficult. There is no sugarcoating this fact, and therefore the latest round of self-examination is appropriate, if often misinformed.