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Baghdad (AIN) –The Anti-Terrorism Forces within the Iraqi Security Forces liberated Urouba neighborhood and the Industrial area within the right side of Mosul city.

Published: 2016/9/22 15:40 • Updated: 2016/9/22 15:57 1252 Reads • Published in: Security
Baghdad (AIN) –The Command of the Joint Operations within the Iraqi Defense Ministry confirmed on Thursday liberating the whole land of Shurqat district (100 km) to the south of Mosul city from the occupation of the terrorist ISIS gangs.
Spokesperson of the CJO Brigadier Yehya Rasoul told AIN "The ISF liberated the whole lands of the Shurqat district from the terrorist gangs of the ISIS."

Published: 2015/11/25 15:40 • Updated: 2015/11/25 17:31 32945 Reads • Published in: Security

Baghdad (AIN) –Two persons were killed while eight others were injured due to explosions of two bombs in Baghdad.
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Baghdad (AIN) –MP Kadhimal-Sayadi of the State of Law Coalition shot fire from his personal weapon at an official at the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council on Tuesday.

Published: 2015/11/13 19:20 • Updated: 2015/11/13 19:57 23775 Reads • Published in: Security

Karbala (AIN) –The terrorist ISIL gangs claimed responsibility for the terrorist suicide attack which targeted a funeral mourning in Amil district of southwestern Baghdad on Friday.

Published: 2015/11/8 12:50 • Updated: 2015/11/8 13:57 23308 Reads • Published in: Security

Baghdad (AIN) –A bomb exploded in southeastern Baghdad on Sunday.

Published: 2015/11/8 11:20 • Updated: 2015/11/8 13:50 23035 Reads • Published in: Security

Baghdad (AIN) –Five civilians were injured due to a bomb explosion in Abu Ghraib district of western Baghdad on Sunday.
Published: 2015/11/5 23:00 • Updated: 2015/11/6 3:04 23068 Reads • Published in: Security

Baghdad (AIN) –Iraqi Security Forces killed on Thursday a terrorist ISIL sniper and detonated three car bombs in Anbar province.

Published: 2015/11/4 22:00 • Updated: 2015/11/5 2:01 22978 Reads • Published in: Security

Baghdad (AIN) –The Iraqi Security Forces killed a leader for the terrorist ISIL on the northern axis of Anbar province.
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Baghdad (AIN) –A bomb exploded northern Baghdad on Friday morning, causing casualties among civilians.
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Baghdad (AIN) –A bomb exploded in western Baghdad on Friday morning, killing and injuring eight civilians.
Published: 2015/10/24 19:50 • Updated: 2015/10/24 20:03 22408 Reads • Published in: Security

Baghdad (AIN) –The International Coalition led by the US confirmed on Saturday that it has "informed the Iraqi government before conducting the military operation which was implemented in cooperation with Kurd Peshmerga last Thursday to free hostages captured by the terrorists of the ISIL in Hawija district of western Kirkuk province." /End/
Published: 2015/10/24 18:40 • Updated: 2015/10/24 19:42 21225 Reads • Published in: Security

Diyala (AIN) –Nine persons were injured on Saturday when security forces killed a suicide bomber who was trying to target a Shiite procession located in northern Baghdad.