Published: 2015/9/20 13:10 • Updated: 2015/9/20 12:40 295 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
Follow up (AIN) -The Dutch foreign minister arrived in Tehran on Sunday on the invitation of his Iranian counterpart. He is set to hold talks with President Hassan Rouhani and other senior Iranian officials./End/
Published: 2015/9/20 11:50 • Updated: 2015/9/19 23:49 286 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
Follow up (AIN) - The United States has again said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must step down to allow a political settlement.
Published: 2015/9/19 20:50 • Updated: 2015/9/19 19:28 306 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
Follow up (AIN) -President Obama, in a historic first for the Pentagon, has chosen to nominate Eric Fanning to lead the Army, a move that would make him the first openly gay civilian secretary of one of the military services.

Published: 2015/9/19 19:30 • Updated: 2015/9/19 17:07 385 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
Follow up (AIN) -Russia has sent fighter jets to Syria, U.S. officials said, raising the stakes in a military buildup that has put Washington on edge and led Friday to the first talks between U.S. and Russian defense chiefs in over a year.

Published: 2015/9/19 18:10 • Updated: 2015/9/19 14:47 310 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
Follow up (AIN) -Judge Nabil Sadek was sworn in as Egypt's new prosecutor-general on Saturday before President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.
The new top prosecutor Judge Nabil Sadek had been recently appointed in July to head the technical office of the President of the Court of Cassation.
Sadek graduated from the Police Academy in 1976 and holds a Bachelor of law./End/
Published: 2015/9/19 17:10 • Updated: 2015/9/19 14:08 321 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
Follow up (AIN) -Unabated Saudi airstrikes have claimed the lives of at least 76 people, injuring around 130 others across the kingdom’s impoverished southern neighbor, Yemen.

Published: 2015/9/19 15:50 • Updated: 2015/9/19 12:48 298 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
Follow up (AIN) -U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Friday that he was ready to talk with the Russians about the ongoing civil war in Syria, and Moscow’s continuing presence there.

Published: 2015/9/19 14:50 • Updated: 2015/9/19 12:40 221 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi kept his finance, investment and interior ministers in a new government sworn in on Saturday, state news agency MENA reported, as he tries to rebuild an economy battered by Islamist militant violence.
Published: 2015/9/19 13:50 • Updated: 2015/9/19 12:15 279 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
Follow up (AIN) -Japan launched the first commercial satellite in November, corresponding order was received from Canada, the agency Kyodo, citing the Ministry of Education and Science.

The telecommunications satellite TELSTAR 12V TELESAT Canadian company will be launched into orbit from the Baikonur rocket H2A tanegashima in southern Japan on November 24. The Ministry expects to run in the future to 20 commercial satellites a year. Once in orbit the satellite will be in charge of telecommunications over the vast territory of South America and the Atlantic Ocean./End/
Published: 2015/9/19 13:10 • Updated: 2015/9/19 12:13 285 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
Follow up (AIN) -Dubai announced a three day mourning period after the son of the Gulf emirate’s ruler passed away, the official state news agency WAM said on Saturday.

Published: 2015/9/18 19:30 • Updated: 2015/9/18 13:47 415 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
International (AIN) - More than 150 world leaders are expected to attend the upcoming UN sustainable development summit, UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric told a daily briefing here on Thursday.
Published: 2015/9/18 18:10 • Updated: 2015/9/18 7:52 336 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
International (AIN) -United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed shock and alarm at the treatment of refugees and migrants at the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Speaking at a press briefing before the opening of the UN's 70th session Wednesday, Ban said it is only natural that people are seeking safety and a better life.

"Men, women and children fleeing war and persecution deserve real support, including asylum," Ban said.

"I ask those standing in the way of the rights of refugees to stand in their shoes. People facing barrel bombs and brutality in their country will continue to seek life in another. The first priority for them will be to save their own lives, because they cannot live there, so they must be treated with human dignity and human rights."
Published: 2015/9/18 16:50 • Updated: 2015/9/18 13:47 353 Reads • Published in: Arab & International
International (AIN) -U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen assured that The Federal Reserve announced on Thursday that the federal funds rate will stay unchanged considering the weak global economy and low inflation. /End/