Qatari PM intends to visit Iraq

Baghdad (AIN) –The office of the Iraqi parliament Speaker assured that "The Qatari Prime Minister Abdullah Bin Nasir Bin Khalifa al-Thani intends to visit Baghdad soon."

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Published: 2015/9/3 17:00
Published: 2015/10/24 19:50 • Updated: 2015/10/24 20:03 22485 Reads • Published in: Security

Baghdad (AIN) –The International Coalition led by the US confirmed on Saturday that it has "informed the Iraqi government before conducting the military operation which was implemented in cooperation with Kurd Peshmerga last Thursday to free hostages captured by the terrorists of the ISIL in Hawija district of western Kirkuk province." /End/
Published: 2015/10/24 18:40 • Updated: 2015/10/24 19:42 21304 Reads • Published in: Security

Diyala (AIN) –Nine persons were injured on Saturday when security forces killed a suicide bomber who was trying to target a Shiite procession located in northern Baghdad.

Published: 2015/10/24 15:40 • Updated: 2015/10/24 18:34 20342 Reads • Published in: Security

Diyala (AIN) –Diyala Police Command assured on Saturday lifting the curfew imposed in Diyala province.

Published: 2015/10/23 23:40 • Updated: 2015/10/24 2:27 939 Reads • Published in: Sport

Baghdad (AIN) –The Asian Football Confederation decided to nominate Japanese referees to lead the match of Iraq versus Taiwan to be played on November 17th in Taiwan within the double qualifiers for the 2018 world cup and 2019 Asian cup.
Published: 2015/10/23 22:50 • Updated: 2015/10/24 2:17 19169 Reads • Published in: Security

Baghdad (AIN) –A raid for the Iraqi Air Force targeting a shelter for the gangs of the terrorist ISIL located in Qaem district of western Anbar resulted in killing 16 suicide bombers. /End/
Published: 2015/10/19 21:40 • Updated: 2015/10/20 1:08 1454 Reads • Published in: Security

Anbar (AIN) –11 persons were either killed or injured when a car bomb exploded in Yusufiya area of southwestern Baghdad.
Published: 2015/10/19 19:50 • Updated: 2015/10/20 1:02 1511 Reads • Published in: Security

Anbar (AIN) –The Iraqi Air Force succeeded to kill dozens of the terrorists of the ISIL when Iraqi helicopters bombarded a shelter that hosts a meeting for the terrorists AKA (Jund al-Khilafa) in Heet district in Anbar province on Monday. /End/
Published: 2015/10/16 23:20 • Updated: 2015/10/17 0:47 2036 Reads • Published in: Political

Baghdad (AIN) –Anbar governor Suhaib al-Rawi assured on Friday the approval of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to reopen Trebeil border inlet and complete the exchange point with Jordan.
Published: 2015/10/16 22:10 • Updated: 2015/10/17 0:24 2486 Reads • Published in: Security
Salah-il-Din (AIN) –Local residents of Shurqat district of northern Salah-il-Din province reported "The residents of Shurqat district revolted against the ISIL terrorist organization's elements in the district."
Published: 2015/10/16 20:30 • Updated: 2015/10/16 23:57 1627 Reads • Published in: Security

Anbar (AIN) –Iraqi Security Forces killed 52 terrorists affiliated to the ISIL terrorist organization within the security operation conducted currently to liberate Baghdadi district of western Anbar.
Published: 2015/10/16 19:40 • Updated: 2015/10/16 23:58 767 Reads • Published in: Sport
Baghdad (AIN) –Zawra FC managed to win its match versus Talaba FC which was postponed from the fifth round of the Iraqi Football Premier League.

Published: 2015/10/13 21:40 • Updated: 2015/10/14 1:00 2486 Reads • Published in: Political

Baghdad (AIN) –The Iraqi Council of Ministers decided on Tuesday to hold an exceptional meeting next week to approve the 2016 federal budget.
Published: 2015/10/13 19:30 • Updated: 2015/10/14 0:50 2107 Reads • Published in: Political

Baghdad (AIN) –The Iraqi Parliament postponed its session scheduled on Wednesday till after tomorrow, Thursday.