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Basra (AIN) –The administration of Basra International Airport announced its intention to increase the daily flights between Basra and Baghdad.
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Basra (AIN) –The Iranian Transport Minister, Abbas Akhwandi, has arrived in Basra province to sign a Memorandum of Understanding over lifting the sunken ships in the Shaat al-Arab.
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Baghdad (AIN) — An online video purports to show Islamic State militants bombing ruins at the ancient Iraqi city of Nimrud.
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Baghdad (AIN) –The Conference of transferring the authorities of some ministries to the local government started in Baghdad where the advisor of the President and some Ministers attended it. /End/
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Baghdad (AIN) –The General Authority for Meteorological and Seismology pointed out that "The weather of the Thursday will witness the increase in the temperature where it will reach 38 degrees." /End/
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Karbala (AIN) –The funeral of the Iraqi cleric, Mohammed Bahr al-Olum, started in Karbala where many representatives of the religious authorities participated in the funeral. /End/
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Follwoing Up (AIN) -New evidence discovered by a skeptical young scholar has raised fresh doubts about the authenticity of the scrap of papyrus known as the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife,” a relic that has provoked fascination and fury since it was unveiled nearly two years ago by an eminent historian of early Christianity at Harvard Divinity School.