Urgent Shurqat district liberated from ISIS

Published: 2016/9/22 15:571558 Reads

Shurqat district liberated from ISIS

Baghdad (AIN) –The Command of the Joint Operations within the Iraqi Defense Ministry confirmed on Thursday liberating the whole land of Shurqat district (100 km) to the south of Mosul city from the occupation of the terrorist ISIS gangs.
Spokesperson of the CJO Brigadier Yehya Rasoul told AIN "The ISF liberated the whole lands of the Shurqat district from the terrorist gangs of the ISIS."

He clarified "The liberation operation was led by General Jumaa Enad commander of Salah-il-Din Operations Command and supervised by the Commanding General of the ISF Prime Minister Haider al-Ebadi."
"Troops from the Iraqi Army 9th Division, IA 16th Division, IA 15th Division, 51st Brigade from the Public Demobilization have participated in this liberation operation with brilliant support from the Iraqi Air Force and airplanes of the International Coalition to complete the liberation operation within 72 hours only," he added. /End/
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